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Council officials order Folylake residents to tear down Easter display

Easter display at Lewis's Department Store, Li...

Mean-spirited council mandarins have ordered residents of Calvin Close, Folylake, to rip down an Easter display they created at the end of their quiet cul-de-sac.

Neighbours got together to transform a plain wall at the end of their close into a colourful Easter themed display for young and old to enjoy and celebrate the season.  The presentation includes knitted Easter bunnies, potted plants donated from friends, and the naked body of a homeless man they found  behind the Co-op and nailed to a crucifix.

But residents were disappointed to receive a notification from council bureaucrats insisting that the display be removed.

Nancy Speight, 52, said: ‘I think it’s a really petty thing they’re doing considering we’re only trying to do something to help the community enjoy Easter. A lot of effort has gone in and it would be such a shame if we have to scrap it all; people are coming from miles around to have a look.’

A spokesperson from Wickle council gave this statement: ‘We’re not trying to spoil the community spirit and we acknowledge all the effort that’s gone in.  But unfortunately we have to respond to the concerns of other residents who are worried about an obstruction to the public highway.’

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