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Pop music snobs’ karaoke night announced

Turntable (3/3)

The Swann Hotel in Foylake will hold its first pop music snobs’ karaoke on Friday.  The exclusive night will be hosted by DJ Pretence and tickets will be available at midnight on Wednesday, providing you can answer three questions about Frank Zappa album tracks correctly.

Assuming guests pass the ipod inspection held at the entrance, they will be treated to an evening of esoteric and ironic popular music delights they can sing along to.  Organisers have stressed that no song-list will be available at anytime.  Requests must be made directly to the DJ; any unsuitable suggestions will be met will a look that could curdle crude oil followed by immediate ejection and a good kicking by the bouncers in the ally.

DJ Pretence : ‘We’re all really looking forward to it.  Should be a really fun night. But don’t just think you can ask for something by “The Smiths” or a track off the “Jackie Brown” soundtrack and you won’t get found out. And buying a “Gil Scott-Heron” T-shirt for the night won’t help either. I could smell a “Coldplay” fan inside a lead lined safe. Seriously, I’ll play to a f**king empty room if I have to!’

All proceeds for the night will go to Carly House Children’s Hospice.

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