Wickle/Isle of Man Tunnel on hold after diplomatic incident

Location of Douglas on Isle of Man

 Isle of Man (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Construction on the Wickle/Isle of Man Tunnel has been halted after Manx leaders expelled diplomats from the Wickle Embassy in Douglas.

In the wake of the recent cheetah-sanctuary debacle, ill feeling between the two governments escalated last night after Wickle’s new mayor, Len Beggs, made an ill judged comment at a press conference.  A few minutes after telling reporters how much he was looking forward to his planned visit to the Island, seemingly in the belief that his radio microphone had been turned off,  the Mayor turned to an aide and said: ‘I hope they don’t burn me in a wicker man.’

A spokesperson for the Isle of Man’s military junta said this: ‘Taking into account this latest insult by Mayor Beggs, the Supreme Manx Peoples’ Committee has voted to expel all of Wickle’s diplomats from the Island and stop work on the rail tunnel currently under construction.’  The future of the £25 billion project is now uncertain.

A work experience spokesperson from the Mayor’s Office gave reporters this handwritten statement on a piece of lined A4 paper: ‘What it was was the Mayors been under a lot of pressure recently and hes been on loads of pain killers after he got shingles and I can vouch for that coz hes been scratchin  non stop for about a week now and you should probably give him a break coz he works really hard and that. From James.’

2 comments on “Wickle/Isle of Man Tunnel on hold after diplomatic incident

  1. Shame it would have made the journey so much easier – suspension bridge perhaps?

  2. Don’t be ridiculous. That would be totally impractical.

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