Fact Centre with Bill Snape


Knowledge is power, or so they say;  but my mate Biffa Ste’s team has won the pub quiz at the Bassett Hound eight times in a row before now and they still work on the bins, so I’m not sure how that one works.  But anyway, here are 20 amazing facts to help you on with your own quizzing exploits, and to give you something to do on your coffee/fag break other than slander your colleagues.

1 . The boy band ‘One Direction’ secrete acidic juices from special glands in their mouths which dissolves their food before they eat it.

2. 17.8 tins of beans and sausage are consumed each second in Gravesend, Kent.

3.  The full version of Shaggy’s hit ‘It wasn’t me’ has 127 verses.

4. Saudi Arabia only recently became a patriarchal dictatorship.  In fact, the capital Riyadh hosted the only Middle-Eastern date of ‘The Monkees’ 1967 world tour. It is said that many Saudi women were seen wearing mini-skirts and drinking alcohol at the concert, and  rumour has it that the Kingdom’s current Deputy Minister of Commerce is Peter Tork’s love child.

5. The Great White Shark does not actually exist.  It was made up by the director Steven Spielberg for the movie ‘Jaws’.

6. The enormous height of Mount Everest is an optical illusion created by everything else being lower down.

7. The ‘Dad’s Army’ actor Ian Lavender’s skin is actually the colour of lavender.  He applies heavy make-up before each public appearance to hide his unusual hue.

8. The board game ‘Cluedo’ was originally called ‘Guess the Name on the Card in the Small Paper Envelope Game’.

9. The singer Bryan Adams can’t walk backwards.

10. Former ‘Saved by the Bell’ cast members have been known to eat off their own feet when placed in stressful situations.

11. Rock legend Bruce Springsteen is known as ‘The Boss’ because he was the head of a New Jersey based crime syndicate in the 1970s.

12. 1  in every 4 people living in Cornwall believe that the spirits of their dead relatives are trapped in their photographs.

13. The actor who represents ‘Uncle Ben’ for the parboiled rice product of the same name, was the founder member of the Los Angeles  street gang ‘The Crips’.

14. The Falklands war never officially ended and every adult male in the UK is required by law to punch at least one Argentine person in the face every year.

15. The actor Jeff Goldblume’s will states that, upon death, his body fat is to be rendered down and turned into soap and scented candles.

16. The North Sea is shallow enough for an adult to wade out to the Shetland Islands.

17. In Cumbria it is illegal to look at a flock of sheep from a moving car for more than three seconds.

18. Once per year, as a team building exercise, the cast of the soap ‘Coronation Street’ hunt specially reared orphans down with crossbows in Delamere Forest.

19. According to ‘The Bible’ Jesus’ favourite cheese is ‘Red Leicester’.

20. The wife of the late multi-millionaire Turkey farmer Bernard Matthews was such a big fan of snooker, he once hired Jimmy White and Steve Davies to re-create, shot for shot, the 1984 world final in the couple’s dining room.

2 comments on “Fact Centre with Bill Snape

  1. hey there, fun blog and i look forward to reading more, thanks for reading mine too ) beth

  2. No probs. Thanks for reading too.

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