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Schoolboy’s dad beats darts world champion Phil Taylor in match at local pub

English: Phil The Power

English: Phil The Power (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

12 year old Ryan Cheetos was jubilant yesterday at the news his father Steve, 39, had beaten 16 times World Darts champion Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor in a one off 3 leg match played the previous evening at his family’s local pub, The Jockey’s Rest.  Unusually for a player of Taylor’s stature, he was in the village pub in Folylake to take part in a specially arranged exhibition tournament; probably as a favour for a mate.

Steve Cheetos gave his son the good news on Sunday morning before setting off back to Afghanistan with his army regiment: ‘It was lucky dad happened to be in the Jocky that night, what with him being away in Afghan so much recently. He has to practice his game in the pub though because mum’s too selfish to let him have a dart board in the front room.

‘Phil Taylor offered dad a match after he’d finished doing the exhibition because he was the only one in there that could give him decent game. I bet the world champion wasn’t banking on getting beat by an amateur.  It probably wasn’t too embarrassing for him though, dad was going to turn pro before the SAS asked him to join up,’ Ryan explained.  ‘It’s just like that time Dad was playing football in the park with his mates when he was younger, and Bruce Grobbelaar was walking his dog nearby and offered to go in goal for them and dad  put a hat-trick past him.’

Although Ryan’s dad wasn’t able to talk through the full details of his triumph in person due to his professional commitments, they were able to speak via ‘Skype’ yesterday evening.  ‘The mess hall at dad’s camp in Afghan’s really cool,’ enthused the schoolboy. ‘I saw over his shoulder and they’ve got a proper bar and a fruit machine and everything.’

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