Tuck in! with Tom Tucker


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**********ADVERTISING FEATURE*********

New restaurant Garibaldi’s takes the biscuit.

As soon as the distinctive ‘il Tricolore ‘ influenced signage for Italian restaurant Garibaldi’s went up on Neilby high street (no. 188), I said to the wife that we should pay a visit as soon as we get the opportunity.  And last Saturday evening, we did just that.

Greeted at the door by our hostess Kaylee (nice smile; not much up top), we were shown to a cosy table for two, complete with Italian style chequered table cloth.

Without further delay we were presented with two beautifully laminated menus with handy photographs beside each dish so you can see what you’re getting.  As we perused them, a lovely pre-starter of chopped Babybels and olives were laid out for us to nibble on.

For my starter, I opted for a Cheesestring lattice on a bed of crisp salad (£3.50).  Her indoors chose cream cheese and celery funnels (a Philadelphia and bacon bit filling sandwiched between uniformly cut celery sticks), arranged into an impressive ‘Jenga’ style tower (£4.50). Both were beautifully presented and packed with flavour.

For a main, I decided on the intriguingly named ‘Pizza/Hotdog/Burger’, served with coleslaw and crinkle cut oven chips.  The ball and chain, being a female of the species, went with the cod fillet in butter sauce with boiled potatoes and green beans.

As anticipated, my choice didn’t disappoint.  A thick but crispy mini-pizza served as the bottom burger bun. Laid on that was a succulent quarter-pounder beef patty, topped off with a rounded hot-dog bun, home to a juicy Frankfurter slathered with onions, ketchup and mustard: Quality.

My wife too was full of praises for her option.  She told me the fish was boiled to perfection.  And when she spotted a small piece of scissored-off plastic bag, accidently left in the sauce, our hostess came over and rescued it immediately, with seemingly asbestos covered fingertips.

Both the meals were exquisite; and as per usual, the greedy guts opposite had half of my chips herself (I honestly don’t know why she doesn’t get her own, she does it every time).

Despite being stuffed to the gills, the lovely Kaylee managed to tempt us with the equally well laminated dessert menu.  Our pretty hostess suggested one of her favourite Garibaldi’s  sweets: an indulgent pyramid of rounded chocolate sponge cake, Wagon Wheels, Jaffa Cakes, and Minstrels; all bonded together with a rich chocolate butter cream- heavenly!

Garibaldi’s offer an extensive range of dining  offers throughout the week.  Go on a Tuesday and every customer gets a free bowl of Cheesy Wotsits with a hummus and salsa dip.

5 comments on “Tuck in! with Tom Tucker

  1. “The fish was boiled to perfection” made me really laugh hard. To be fair, that dessert doesn’t sound half bad. Do they take reservations?

    • They’re booked to early September now thanks to Tom’s review. I’ve just checked and it doesn’t appear you have half of the snack delights I referenced. You’ve not lived until you’ve tried the slightly salty biscuity goodness of a Wagon Wheel.
      Slightly depressed at the moment as have just watched the ‘Red Wedding’ episode of Game of Thrones. If you know what I’m on about you’ll know why. *sniff*

      • I understand your pain about Game of Thrones. As for the snack delights, I lived in London for a while so I have indeed sampled the goodness of Wagon Wheels, Jaffa Cakes, and so on. I still miss Jaffa Cakes. I can find Hobnobs and Smarties at some stores here, but sadly, most UK delicacies are not sold.

  2. Michelin Stars? Up Yer Arse – this is what I call food

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