Woman says she won’t be spending redundancy money opening cupcake shop

nah…you’re alright.

Former council employee Irene Mounts, 55, has announced this week that she won’t be spending any of her £40,000 redundancy payout on opening a cupcake shop on Neilby high street.

The shop won’t be called ‘Irene’s Fun Fancies’ or ‘Cup Cakes4U’, and they will not be offering cake decorating classes for all the family on Saturday mornings.  ‘I’ve never really dreamed about owning my own business,’ said the indifferent mother of four. ‘I can’t be bothered with all the faff.  I like making the odd batch of fairy cakes with the littluns but it’s just a hobby really.  I mean, I like a round of golf on a Sunday but I’m not about to enter the British Open am I?  We’ll probably just pay of the rest off the mortgage and I’ll get a few shifts in Tesco’s to tide us over. We might treat ourselves to a fortnight in Majorca if there’s enough left over.’

As a result of Irene’s decision, the shop won’t have to close in eighteen months’ time; and neither Irene nor her husband Bob will have to declare themselves bankrupt or sell their family home and move into a static caravan in North Wales.

7 comments on “Woman says she won’t be spending redundancy money opening cupcake shop

  1. Too bad! The professor was hoping you were close by since the cupcakes look scrumptious dadblameit! We need more Punchyish people going into business. You are Punchyish aren’t you?

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