Celebrity opens supermarket for 58th day in a row

The actor and author Tony Robinson travelled to Folylake for the 58th morning in a row today to open the now not-so-new Morrison’s supermarket on Corvette Street. After greeting deputy manager Andy Circus, the 67 year old former ‘Blackadder’ star wearily cut the red ribbon spanning the shop’s front entrance, got back into his car and left; making an obscene gesture as he went.

‘I do think Sir Tony might be getting a bit tired of opening up the same shop day after day.  There’s no crowd now and it’s been lashing it down for the last week,’ said shop manager Ian Boat.

‘I used to meet him myself for the first few days, but I’ve got other duties to get on with.  I feel a bit sorry for him to be honest, but we’ve got him locked into a cast iron contract.’

Tony Robinson in happier times

On day five of his personal appearance commitment at the store, the ‘Time Team’ presenter told reporters: ‘It was the classic mistake of not reading a contract before you sign it.  When my agent said she’d got me a gig opening a shop, I thought it would be a nice run out to a part of the county I’d not been to before.  It was only after that prick of a manger said “see you tomorrow Tone” that I thought to read it through properly.

‘Instead of getting paid my usual £7,000 for cutting the ribbon and making a short speech, I discovered that I’d signed up to do it every day for 4 months and was only getting a paper-back copy of David Dickenson’s autobiography “The Duke: What a Bobby Dazzler” and a wheelbarrow full of Dijon mustard in return.

‘Not only do I not like mustard, I don’t even get to keep the wheelbarrow, and I have to provide my own scissors to cut the ribbon!’


3 comments on “Celebrity opens supermarket for 58th day in a row

  1. Graham, must say it’s delightful to see you active again. We all need more snark!

  2. […] z-list celebrity status was confirmed last night by a phone call from a PR company asking me to open a new supermarket in Natal on Tuesday – […]

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