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New videogame ‘Call of Duty: Salvation Army’ is a flop

Publishers of the wildly successful ‘Call of Duty’ games franchise are counting their costs tonight as the latest ‘Salvation Army’ edition performs badly with retailers.

Players earn points in the game by converting heathens to the true faith through song and prayer.  Added bonuses are earned through helping the outcasts of society.  Exciting playable scenarios include issuing packages from food banks, handing out copies of the ‘War Cry’ journal and lobbying politicians about gambling legislation

‘I thought we were onto a winner,’ said game developer Ethan Stork.

‘It’s got everything:  high-octane first person action, killer graphics, ultra-smooth gameplay. But it seems as though adolescent males are more interested in action that involves relentless, bloody violence than volunteering at a soup kitchen.

‘It is surprising.  White Middle America is by far our biggest customer base; where evangelical Christianity and assault rifles go hand-in-hand.  But it seems we might have misjudged this one.’

Game distributors ‘Activision’ are hoping to have more success with their new music related offering ‘Ukulele Hero: George Formby Special Edition’



One comment on “New videogame ‘Call of Duty: Salvation Army’ is a flop

  1. I thought this had winner written all over it

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