Men shoot another man

By Callum Croquet (age 9)

2 men shot another man last week on Tuesday on Beacon Drive in front of his house on the driveway in the afternoon.  ‘We can’t reveal any details,’ said people at the Hospital my mum asked.  But a man I asked on the street by Beacon Drive said he was definitely dead because he knows the man’s wife’s friend.

The Police would not comment about what it was all about. A Policeman in front of the house didn’t know, and the Police lady on the phone said, ‘this line is for emergencies only.’

However, Noah Stephens in year 6 heard his dad say to his mum the dead man was ‘into allsorts’ and was ‘sorting out money for some gangsters from town through his sandwich shop and was keeping some for himself.

‘He was well into the white as well,’ Noah’s dad added.

Jacob Mears’s in-year-5’s big brother told him that, ‘there was blood everywhere and the man’s head exploded and the hit-men used a Mach-10.’ That’s probably a load of rubbish though because the lady who lives on the same road I asked said there was only three bangs and Jacob Mears’s brother also said he got off with Jessie J when he stayed with his mate in Manchester.

The case continues.

Gun Jacob’s brother said was used…doubtful.


5 comments on “Men shoot another man

  1. Not much of a loss then. On another topic I would whack Bobby Davro first.

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