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Reader Offers

Meat Library Grand Opening this Saturday!

Celebrate with us this Saturday for the opening of Neilby Meat Library (next to the Mouthwash Discount Warehouse on Neilby High Street).

Up to 8 weeks rental (online renewal available) on:

*Black/White Pudding

*Rack of Ribs

*Matured Steak

& much, much more!

Quote Advert Code: 6785 and the first 100 customers can borrow 2lb of Lincolnshire sausages and a leg of lamb for 4 weeks for the price of 2.


Rock On!

This Saturday only. Join us at ‘The Brass Pistol’, Folylake

Exclusive live performance from Wickle’s own Neo Post-Punk revivalists ‘Myxomatosis Sandwich’ playing live tracks for their brand new LP ‘The Very Best of Bananarama’.

Free yolkless pickled eggs for all customers (we’re not sure how they got like that).


By Christ that’s Cheap!”

Save 30% on Vinegar Stream® Portable at ‘Beautiful Ohms Electricals’ (432 Bunkbed Rd, WK32 6YG)

You’ve lived without fizzy vinegar up to now, but why continue?

Comes with 3 delicious flavour cartridges: Raspberry, Chilli Chocolate and Milk



Enemies to be vanquished? Need your instructions to be followed to the letter?

Look no further!

We hand mould our golems from local clay and deliver them straight to your doorstep totally free of charge.

Golem master’s hubris insurance available at low, low prices.

Tel:  0124156 958432


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