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Celebrity opens supermarket for 58th day in a row

The actor and author Tony Robinson travelled to Folylake for the 58th morning in a row today to open the now not-so-new Morrison’s supermarket on Corvette Street. After greeting deputy manager Andy Circus, the 67 year old former ‘Blackadder’ star wearily cut the red ribbon spanning the shop’s front entrance, got back into his car […]

Hospital to hold open auditions for cardiac specialist

Hundreds are expected to attend open auditions at Speare Park Hospital tomorrow for the vacant position of Consultant Cardiologist, with organisers announcing that they are to see hopefuls at a second venue at the weekend.  Round two of auditions will take place in front of judges a month from now. ‘It’s so exciting,’ said 18 […]

Ask Alan

Wickle’s top agony uncle comes to the aid of readers in a quandary ———————– Dear Alan… I was pleasuring myself to Emily Maitlis on Newsnight the other evening when they suddenly cut to footage of Education Secretary Michael Gove dribbling something about Ofsted. Unfortunately, I was past the point of no return and I can […]

Statue of famous hangman unveiled

Crowds flocked to Folylake sea front on Sunday to see Liverpool comedian Ken Dodd unveil the North West’s latest tourist attraction and photo opportunity: a statue of one of Wickle’s most famous sons, the hangman Jim ‘Trapdoor’ Travers. The bronze sculpture depicts the executioner inspecting the knot on his favourite noose “Ol’ Chokey”. Jim’s ‘other […]

Navy Man

Man on a horse

Wickle threatens Isle of Man with Brian Blessed deterrent as Zeppelin attacks intensify.

Wickle Council leader Clive Mound warned today that he would have ‘no hesitation’ in ordering the use of the hitherto top secret ‘Brian Blessed Deterrent’ on the Isle of Man, following the latest round of drunken Zeppelin raids.  The attacks began five weeks ago in response to the ongoing toothpaste embargo imposed on the island. […]